Umbrella stand 'The Disc'

Umbrella stand 'The Disc'

This massive heavy weight holds any umbrella that you can stick into its perforated surface. Heavy enough to function as a doorstopper, solid enough to enjoy for hundreds of years. To try it, is to love it!

'The Disc' is casted in stainless steel to reduce waste in the production process.


There are 3 varieties : Stainless steel, anthracite and white. White and anthracite have a chrome free coating. A special edition in copper will soon be available.


Price : 379 euro

Diameter : 240mm. Height : 53mm. Weight : 3,5 kg.

The disc comes in a giftbox.



Design: Teun Fleskens, design academy Eindhoven 2009 (Studio Teun Fleskens)

Manufacturer: (RiZZ | the entrance collection, The Netherlands)

Images atmosphere: Lisa Klappe

Images products: Maarten Coolen