Coathanger 'The Trumpet'

Hook 'The Trumpet'

Clearly inspired by the musical instrument and made of i.a. liquid wood. (woodchips and biological resin) Therefore the wooden as wel as the stainless steel Trumpets are casted to reduce waste in the production process.

There are 7 varieties: Liquid coconut and birch, copper and bronze, stainless steel and bio based plastic in white and anthracite.

The hooks can be used in the entrance, kitchen, bed- and bathroom. With or without the label.

Price: box of 3 pieces €35 (liquid wood)
Diameter: 40 mm.

Design: Teun Fleskens, design academy Eindhoven 2009 (Studio Teun Fleskens)
Manufacturer: (RiZZ | the entrance collection, The Netherlands)
Images atmosphere: Lisa Klappe
Images products: Maarten Coolen