Product Design

  • Barrels 1, 2 and 3

    The tables are easy to produce, store and ship. No toxic material needed to construct and assembled at home.

  • V roots.

    modular benches for public places

  • Urban Shoesme

    We created the concept 'urban Shoesme' shoes inspired by streetlife. 

  • ChitChat

    Waiting in public spaces always could be more fun.
  • Coatstand 1

    One material, One part and One production technique.
  • Tour clock

    Time is always moving

  • Spie Table

    This slender, solid wooden table is designed by Teun Fleskens and Brit van Nerven

  • OO Lamp

    The floating effect of these lamps in the dark is astonishing!
  • OO Lamp 2

    Curiosity is often the first thought that comes in mind while looking at it.
  • Brother

    Brother. An armchair that you can easily move! 

  • Balance clock

    Balance clock for Nextime

  • Toss

    A side table that contributes to interaction and game play.

  • Kantel

    test test

  • Pocket watch

    Pocket watch for Karlsson.
  • Powwow

    I want to create interaction between products in this case between the closet and its contents.

  • Sidepack

    SIDEPACK is a container for your money / cash and ID cards.

  • Faraday fauteuil

    The fauteuil is developed with as little as possible material ensuring a good construction and comfort. 

  • Faraday stool

    The Faraday Stool was named after Michael Faraday.

  • Dala Table

    An exlusive table which contains a lot of creativity

  • Mirror 'The Egg'

    After four years of work, hereby the third product in a range of twelve products designed for RiZZ.

  • Coathanger 'The Trumpet'

    Product Design

  • Umbrella stand 'The Disc'

    After four years of work hereby the second of twelve products designed for RiZZ.

  • Chocolate design

    For van Ham